Logan Stout: A Remarkable Leader With A Generous Heart

Logan Stout is the CEO and founder of IDLife, a company that sells organic nutritional and weight management supplements. Stout is an accomplished entrepreneur, philanthropist, a sought-out speaker and author. Under Logan’s leadership, IDLife has experienced massive growth and is listed among the companies on the 100solid top companies.

Stout graduated from the University of Dallas with a degree in Psychology as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Panola College. He later on founded several companies, including Dallas Patriots, loganstout.com and Premier Baseball Academy. Logan’s passion for health and wellness led him to establish IDLife in 2014. With the help of his two partners Troy Aikman and Jen Widerstorm, the company has grown tremendously. Stout’s book stout advice: the secret of building yourself, people and teams is a best seller and currently available on Amazon.

Logan is a well-known philanthropist who believes in bringing out the best in people. Through this charitable causes, he has nurtured talent and helped bring out the best from the participants. He is the CEO and founder of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization, through which he helps kids between the age of 6-18years receive expert training, coaching and mentoring in baseball. The graduates from the organization can play baseball in college and are even fortunate to be MLB draft picks annually.

Logan is passionate about helping people build quality leadership skills. His book, Stout Advice, was published with the intent of inspiring and empowering aspiring leaders with the desire of reaching their God given potential. Stout believes in helping others be the best they can become. For Stout, a company’s success is dependent on the people. He believes in investing in the right people because the outcome will definitely be great. Logan believes in personal development and quotes the bible as the best book that can help you grow. His mantra in life is to live simply, love abundantly, pray daily and give generously.

Logan Stout is an exceptional leader with a golden heart. He continues to inspire many people through his exemplary management skills and philanthropic activities.

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