A Recap of The Interview with Betsy DeVos, The Wife of The Philanthropist Dick DeVos

In the latest report from Philanthropy Roundtable, Betsy DeVos showed yet again her passion for supporting campus politics and other school organizations that promote political activism. In over 30 years, I think Betsy DeVos was able to offer her time to making quality campaigns and other efforts to different party organizations. I also feel that her passion for politics also resurfaced when she led as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party for six years.


The interview at the Roundtable also indicated how Mrs. Devos continuously maintains constant dedication in all of her campaigns. She also credits her success in all her philanthropic work to her devotion to improve the education system of America. It is not enough for her to be passive in serving the students, and that is why Betsy is actively pursuing efforts that try to form the policy involving how the educational system operates. This pursuit often proves challenging to Mrs. Devos, but she is up for the challenge. Betsy overcomes this problem by always making sure that her staff engages the public for all the policy advocacies pushed. She also goes out of her way to make sure that her team uses all her resources wisely. With the help of her husband, Dick DeVos, the Republican nominee in 2006 for Governor in the state of Michigan, she continues to offer the best quality service to her countrymen.


Dick DeVos Work and Passion


I think Dick DeVos has always been a leader. As the President of Amway since 1993 up to 2002, he continuously held several responsibilities across six continents in the company’s corporate operations. The final fiscal year in his service even saw him leading the company to become one of the highest grossing companies in the world, earning sales of about $4.5 billion. Before his service in Amway, DeVos had been the Vice President of Amway International, where he oversaw the company’s deals and partnerships that involved countries that are not in the North America region.


Under Dick DeVos leadership, the company was able to expand to greater and more challenging markets, increasing its overall sales to impressive rate that had been unforeseeable in the past. I think his leadership skills for Amway also earned him the chairmanship and CEO position for Orlando Magic in the year 1991 when his family acquired it. He held this role for about three years before moving to concentrating more his time in philanthropy. In my opinion, it’s great that Dick DeVos has never lost his connection with the communities in the country even if he held high positions in corporate firms.


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