How Nathaniel Ru Turned Sweetgreen Into a Legacy

The Sweetgreen chain of high end salad restaurants has slowly but surely taken over the Northeast. Leading the charge has been Co-Founder and Co-CEO Nathaniel Ru. Nathaniel Ru helped to brainstorm the concept that would be Sweetgreen while attending Georgetown University. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

In a class about business Ru and his two Co-CEOs would go on to develop the concept that Sweetgreen would eventually become. Soon after graduating the three partners would put their work into motion in order to bring it all to life. Now, a decade after their first store opened near Georgetown campus, the Nathaniel has decided to open up about their journey. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

The Sweetgreen mission has always been about being more than just another restaurant down the street. Sweetgreen, in Ru’s own words, is about bringing healthy food to people that tastes good and ingratiates them to the community. Ru and his fellow co-CEOs are about making Sweetgreen a true part of the region rather than just a place where customers come and go.

Nathaniel Ru says simply, “We’re creating a brand that stands for something. We want to feed more people better food.” Of course, getting to where they are hasn’t always been easy but it’s always been a task worth taking on. Ru doesn’t want Sweetgreen to be the next big chain restaurant. He wanted it to be something special.

One of the unique things about Sweetgreen, of which there are many, is their complete focus on maintaining an attachment to how the franchise runs. Nathaniel Ru and his co-founders are completely separate from the day to day operations if this were run like a normal business, but that isn’t what they want.

Instead, Ru and his team routinely shut down their corporate headquarters in order to go get hands on and work within any number of their different restaurants.

Primarily located in the Northeast, in big cities like New York and Boston, this could mean that the co-founders are going all over the place in order to get their hands back in on the day to day action.

Nathaniel Ru is far past being another upstart entrepreneur and he is now settled into his profession. Even so, he has advice for his former self: read more books.

Ru knows that knowledge is the power by which the engine of progress runs and he is always looking to keep himself up to task. Ru and co are in great hands to guide Sweetgreen into the future.

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