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Today’s cosmetic market is dominated by large corporations that produce the same type of products. Doe Deere’s Lime Crime makeup line is a smaller startup that is in a head to head competition with the bigger makeup companies and winning on her own terms. Deere is winning over a new league of fans and followers because they are inspired by her background and her beginnings. Deere is one woman that quickly achieved success by following her dream and living life on her own terms. She did not accept the conventional beauty standards and sets her own standards of beauty and achieving success. Learn more:

Doe Deere’s Guide To Achieving Success

Doe Deere believes that success is achieved by finding that quality that is special within yourself. Of course, it’s important to carry that dream and hold on to that dream. It’s also important to truly believe in your dream or your vision. Certainly, it is difficult to achieve that vision if you listen to others negative remarks.


Doe Deere’s inspiration for Lime Crime began years before. She loved bold and vivid colors that captured the imagination. She took a risk and created her own makeup line that was filled with all the dazzling colors that were not available in many of the popular makeup lines that were available. Deere believes that holding that dream and taking a risk, led her to success.

Doe Deere On Success

Of course, many of her followers would like to know her secret to building a successful beauty business. Deere relates that it all begins with having a vision. In other words, it’s important to form a clear picture in your mind of your goals. In business, it is also important to recognize your targeted customers. For example, are they creative people that love to express themselves with dazzling displays of color or conservative people that shy away from flashy colors. Clearly, Lime Crime’s targeted customers are the former.

Advice For Entrepreneurs

Deere believes that it is fun to embrace your individuality. There is nothing wrong with being an unconventional person in a conventional world. She rocked the pastel hair and the unicorn look long before it was acceptable and found true success in her individuality. Doe Deere also believes that you should keep your mind and your ears open to new opportunities. Take a look around you. Opportunities are everywhere waiting to be discovered.

Doe Deere truly believes that you should always be yourself. This is the key to achieving your dream. Learn more:

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