Learning How to Build Your Empire from Nathaniel Ru

Many students graduating today are faced with the challenge of finding employment. Lack of jobs has become a national issue. Even major political seats are gained by the mere promise of job creation.

Thus, as youths it is important that create employment opportunities as opposed to waiting for white collar jobs. This article uses the example of one of the founders of sweetgreens restaurants as an illustration of how to make it in the business world.

As an entrepreneur, you need to make sure that your business is offering more than just the services you are selling. If it is a food store, you need to make the place is something more than just a restaurant. This is what will make your business to be unique and make good profits. This will also come in handy when you are creating the business brand.

The whole process of making your business unique is creating the business brand. This means that branding is important in any business. It is the key to ensuring your business is successful. For instance, Nathaniel Ru developed a restaurant that people could get healthy salads. Read more: Sweetgreen | Wikipedia

Marketing is very important in any upcoming business, also in already established businesses. Thus, you should market your business in all aspects. Marketing is all about showing potential customers what why they should buy your products or services.

Marketing starts with marking the right products and thinking of why you need to make the product before you think of how you are going to make them. this is the concept that the co-founder of sweetgreens food store advocates. Marketing is a process thus every business must strive to get the process right.

Nathaniel Ru is one of the three founders of sweetgreens food chain stores. He is a graduate of Georgetown university. Together with his two other friends, they started with only an idea that later grown multi-million dollar business.

According to Nathaniel Ru business are built on basic things and makes a business to stand out and make profits, the employers are supposed to create a good environment for the workers employees as much as creating custom services for the customers.

This means that every business must not only satisfy its costumers but also its employees.

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