How Securus Technologies is Protecting Inmates & Officers

If you were to see the conditions in our prison only a year ago, most would never be able to visit for even an hour. Now imagine trying to work in those conditions as an officer for half of every day. There were many days that me and my team of officers would be worried we may never make it out alive. The violence had escalated to the point the inmates ruled this facility, but a year later you can see how much order we have restored.


Despite having the same size police force, it was the resources we were given that had the biggest positive impact concerning jail safety. One company in particular, Securus Technologies, was instrumental in giving officers the ability to safely maintain order without having to put any of us at risk.


Securus Technologies has been installing their inmate call monitoring systems in jails all around this country for years, and this year was our turn. The company is based in Dallas, and all the employees working in the company have a single objective they strive for, making this world a little safer. CEO Rick Smith assured our facility that his team has our back yesterday, today, and for the long haul.


The call monitoring system has software than can scan calls the inmates are making, allowing my team to be working on the front lines instead of listening to calls. If there is any chatter concerning weapons, drugs, wars, gangs, fighting, and any sort of contraband, the system instantly alerts my team and we get in the position of being able to take proactive measures instead of always being in the position of reacting to these incidents.


As you can see by the way the jail has become safer in the last year, this is one of those resources we can not work without.


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  1. As a corrections officer I strongly believe no one who has never visited the prisons knows what is going on there. We had to pray to stay alive almost every day. No wonder Brill Assignment with the help of Securus Technologies install inmates communication systems. This alone has helped the corrections officers to curb some of the menace of the inmates. Today, we now feel safer so also to other inmates and visitors.

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