Why Fabletics has Embraced a Review-Centric Marketing Approach

Modern consumers are privileged to have a wide array of products or services to choose from, and while this should be a good thing, buyers have a hard time picking a product or service that give them value for their hard-earned dollars. Traditionally, buyers relied on marketing and traditional forms of advertising to make purchase decisions, but that is no longer the case. The Digital Age consumer is, in fact, skeptical of all conventional types of marketing. The advent of the internet and subsequently e-commerce sites complicated the consumers’ experience; heshe is bombarded with products and services left, right, and center while they are navigating the web. However, the modern consumer has over the years invented an ingenious way of picking only the crème de la crème of products or services. How? They rely on crowd-sourced reviews.

Consumers actively search for reviews attached to a product, service, or company offering the product or service. While they are many types of reviews, user-reviews resonate well with the needs of consumers. With user-reviews, they can tell whether a product service is worth their time or not. Needless to say, positively reviewed products services attract the attention of buyers than negatively evaluated ones. Not even relatively lower prices can convince a modern buyer to acquire a product that has received widespread condemnation from a handful of users. What’s more, consumers have great confidence in online user-reviews; a majority of them trust online user-reviews just as they would believe product recommendation from people they know, according to a BrightLocal study.

Smart brands such as Fabletics, an athleisure clothing company, which have invested heavily in establishing the patterns of the modern consumers have adopted review centric marketing strategies in response to an increased appetite for user-reviews. The marketing strategy coupled with other innovative approaches has pushed Fabletics to the top of the athleisure industry. The fact the Fabletics became functional some five years ago, and it is giving Amazon, Athleta, and Lulumelon a run for their money is utterly impressive. Indeed, consumer-centric marketing approach is working for Fabletics.

With the approach, Fabletics has expanded year over year. Analysts are convinced that Fabletics has grown by over 200 percent since it was established. The company’s revenues are expected to be over $235 million in 2017. Shawn Gold, the CMO of TechStyle Fashion Group, believes that Fabletics’ success is largely because the brand was among the first firms in the U.S to adopt a review-centric marketing approach. TechStyle is the parent company of Fabletics.

Adam Goldenberg and his longtime business partner, Don Ressler alongside Kate Hudson are the innovative entrepreneurs behind Fabletics. Goldenberg and Ressler are also the owners of TechStyle Fashion Group. The duo chose to partner with Kate because she leads an active lifestyle, and she is convinced that other women should embrace a productive way of life. So far, Kate has contributed immensely to the success of the brand. Goldenberg and Don often praise Kate for her hands-on approach. Kate has brought in fellow celebrities such as Demi Lovato to market the agenda of the company.

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