How Sahm Adrangi Became a Household Name

Sahm Adrangi is one the most influential activists in the investment industry. He has helped in the optimization of capital allocation and cash flow principles for many companies.

One of his recent moves has been looking into other industries besides the investment sector. One such industry is the telecommunication sector. In 2014, he pointed out the weaknesses of the Terrestrial low Power Service (TLPS) proposal being flaunted by Globalstar. This helped to avoid several telecommunication impracticalities. Other companies that he has featured on his articles include Straight Path Communicational and ViaSat Inc.

He has also written a series of articles on the development of middle market biotechnology firms. Some of these firms include Bavarian Nordic, Pulse Biosciences, Sage Therapeutics and Unilife. As for the ministry industry, he has been involved in market valuation and economic prospects on mining. He has featured First Majestic Silver and Northern Dynasty Minerals in his articles on this industry.

Nonetheless, Sahm Adrangi is best known for his exposition on two Chinese companies, ChinaCast Education Corp and China Marine Food Group. The evidence he provided was enough to give the Securities and Exchange Commission intent to enforce regulatory actions. Other Chinese companies that he has been able to raise red flags on them include China Education Alliance and China-Biotics.

He provides most of his content through his Twitter account as well as other third-party, investment-related websites and his own website. Sahm Adrangi has become a household name by successfully showing misconceptions in the investment industry, including over-hyped and under-followed stocks.

Sahm Adrangi founded the Kerrisdale Capital Management and acts as the chief investment officer. He is responsible for the growth and development of investment portfolios in the company. As of July 2017, the company was managing at least $150 million. In 2009 when Kerrisdale Capital Management was founded, it had less than $1 million in its portfolio. Sahm has also worked at Longacre Fund Management as an analyst and Chanin Capital Partners as an adviser. In Longacre, he was in charge of at least $2 billion debt fund whereas in Chanin Capital Partners, he worked on bankruptcy and restructuring of boutique investments.