Ronald Fowlkes: Defense and Law Enforcement Specialist with Strong Commitment on Results

Defense sector and law enforcement areas need special skills and expertise to handle various issues associated with law, war, conflicts, and more. Due to that reason, qualified professionals in the area are in not always available in the area when required. Since it is not an area where people can get the learnings from textbooks or other created environments, the professionals with the right mix of experience in it always have a better say compared to other fields. They should also be adaptable to various conditions and communicate with different sects of people in different tones from citizens to enemies. This is where experts in defense and law enforcement like Ronald Fowlkes make a difference with their expertise and professionalism.



With his decades of expertise in both defense as well as law enforcement areas, Ronald is currently employed as a BDM at Eagle Industries Unlimited with responsibilities of the firm’s commercial and law enforcement products. He has greater expertise in tactical training and different defense and law enforcement products, especially after supplying his services as a contractor to Marine Corps of the United States Navy through defense contracts. Fowlkes says that working in different areas of defense helped him to acquire greater insights which helped him to cater significant success in his current role at Eagle Industries.



Interestingly, the experience has also given him the capability to lead a team of 150 salespeople and help them in their product education. Additionally, he has nearly 13 years of law enforcement experience, including ten years with metropolitan police of St. Louis and three years with its county police. The final seven years of his law enforcement service was with the HRT team of St. Louis Metropolitans. The hard work of Fowlkes helped him to be promoted as a team leader in the year 2003, and he took care of shoot house, SWAT tactics, urban encounter tactics, defensive tactics, and tactical rifle as a certified instructor.



During those years, his team ensured a minimum of 250 high-risk entries completing per year which included barricaded subjects, hostage incidents, and more. When his team was not deployed for any operations, Fowlkes led the team on self-initiated investigations in smuggling illegal narcotics, unlawful gun possession, various criminal gang activities, and more. Interestingly, the team was ensuring law enforcement in violent neighborhoods of cities. While Fowlkes was part of the Marine Corps, he also participated in the First Gulf War and attended a number of army training.



Fowlkes earned his Basic Engineer course and completed Marine Combat Training while admitted into the force. He also got chances to complete ANGLICO basic course, and during those years, he was part of many small-unit parachute operations such as the use of laser designator, reconnaissance, and more.