A Better Brazilian Butt Lift: The Dallas, Texas Way

Dallas, Texas, is one of America’s most amazing cities. It is big, it has opportunities, and it is a great place to reside. If you’ve ever been to Dallas, then you’ve probably noticed all of the medical centers that are located here. Some of the finest of clinical personnel work in this magnificent city and many of these professionals specialize in butt lift surgery. There are two types of butt lifts to choose from. These two procedures are the Brazilian butt lift and the traditional butt lift. The traditional procedure is much more invasive as the surgeon may need to tighten underlying muscles or remove layers of fat. The Brazilian procedure is less invasive, and it requires a general liposuction technique.


The general ballpark-price for these advanced-medical procedures can be anywhere between $2,000 – $15,000. Of course, these prices are contingent upon many different variables such as the actual surgeon, the actual location and the actual patient. Everyone has a unique physical structure to some degree, which can predicate the price range in the end. North Texas Plastic Surgery is one of the leading cosmetic-surgical centers in town. Dr. Sacha Obaid is one of the most accomplished plastic surgeons in the area. He has been recognized by Texas Monthly as one of Texas’ Super Doctors, and he has been one of the top doctors in Fort Worth, Texas, in 2014. This exceptional, board-certified cosmetic surgeon serves Dallas, Ft. Worth, Southlake and other Texas municipalities.


If you’re a heavy-smoker or a heavy-drinker, then you will definitely have to cut back on these activities. Your psychological health is also very important because this is still a surgical procedure. In the end, you should definitely consult with multiple surgeons before choosing. Your body is an investment and you should seek the best possible candidate for service.