The Unusual Entrepreneurial Story of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a name of modern-day beauty thoughts for women as her brand, Lime Crime Cosmetics, could capture the imagination of the market. For her, it was an unusual journey to start the cosmetic brand as she was worried about how people would perceive her products. Also, she was never meant to start a cosmetic brand and was venturing into the fashion industry, initially. But, the turns in the life led her to establish the cosmetic brand and taste success. Deere founded the cosmetic brand in 2008, and it became a trendsetter across the world with its bright colors, vegan, certified, and cruelty-free products.



Interestingly, her brand offers a wide variety of products now, and that includes rainbow-colored liquid liners, glittery lip gloss, eye-shadow palettes, nail polish, loose pigments, and criminally coveted lipsticks. While coming to her business journey, Deere says that she initially began an online clothing store in 2004. She was using her own designs to craft the fashion products for the audience. While modeling for those clothes, Deere found that there was no makeup with bright colors to match her needs. Therefore, she decided to come up with her own makeup products, which she decided to turn it into a business. This is where Lime Crime Cosmetics was born.



Deere says that she always loved makeups as well as fairy tales. When she began her venture, Deere decided to combine both of her loves to make a cruelty-free and imaginative makeup brand that encourages everyone to use it. Since the product lineup launched in 2008, it became a huge success among the crazy lovers of color and fun. Currently, the products of Lime Crime are available online as well as can be bought from numerous retail stores around the world. When Deere was launching the brand, she was only offering glitter, different kinds of blush, eyeshadow, fine bruises, and primers.



Deere started promoting the products online by writing makeup tutorials through her blog. She confirms that she was doubtful whether it was her final destination while running the fashion store. It also gave strong emotions and thoughts for Deere to start the makeup brand with her signature in each line of products. While coming to the initial marketing, Deere wrote blogs offering makeup tutorials, conducted several online contests, offered products as part of the promotion, and more. Through various campaign activities, Deere could create a great fan following in the social media accounts of the business. The Instagram page of Lime Crime has over 3.3 followers, and it becomes a huge asset for the brand in the online campaigns.



Interestingly, Doe Deere is very much watchful of the feedback given by the people online. According to her, people would tell what they want and just following their words can provide some excellent results for businesses. Deere confirms that her business is running on a motto that beauty makes people feel happy. She adds that the makeup products and the colors should be able to take out the best version of a person. Deere is highly fulfilled by the fact that she was able to support charities working for children, women, and animal-rescue operations after claiming success with her brand.


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