Securus Technologies Helping Correctional Officers Detect Drones That Enter Prisons Premise Illegally

Any company that wants to dominate its sector has to innovate and consistently perform consistently, and it is what Securus Technologies has been doing in the correctional sphere. Securus Technologies has contributed more than one can describe to the corrections space, and it continues to help transform the said sector by providing cutting-edge technologies and innovative services. Securus Technologies understand that it is the technology that would carve the future of the corrections space, and it is for this reason the company has been trying hard to develop and design technologies that meet the requirements of the law enforcement and correctional agencies.

Recently, Securus Technologies has been in the news for launching the pilot program of the drone detection technology. It is a technology that would ensure that no drone can fly over the prison facility undetected. As many cases are being reported across the country where the criminals are using drones to supply contraband packages and items inside the jail, it has become necessary for the correctional agencies to have something to counter such intrusion by drones. The drones that are used by the criminals are small and fast and are also very powerful as they can carry a considerable amount of load with them. The offenders arrange a drop location with the inmates inside and make the drop without the correctional officers noticing it. Such a supply route can prove to be disastrous for the corrections officers, who are working day and night to keep the communities and prisons safe and secure.

If the prisons, which are considered to be one of the safest places in the country, are only compromised, then the people in the community would start to doubt the capabilities of our law enforcement agencies to tackle the criminal activities in the country. The drone detection technology by Securus Technologies is a highly advanced program that would ensure that it covers the entire perimeter of the correctional facility and that any drone that tries to enter the prison premise is immediately detected. Once detected, the correctional officers would be notified, so that they can shot the drone and take it into their possession. Any contraband package that the drone might be carrying would be confiscated as well, and the inmates won’t be able to use the drone supply route anymore.

Securus Technologies has not only been in the news for developing the drone detection technology but recently also won three Gold Stevie Awards for the most populated category of best customer service. It is a commendable achievement for a company in a sector otherwise criticized for providing not-so-good customer service. Securus Technologies understands what the customers are looking for, and delivers exactly that, which has helped the company become a preferred partner in the corrections space for more than 3,450 correctional facilities.