Jeff Herman Is The Advocate For Sexual Abuse Survivors

Jeff Herman, Founder and Managing Partner at Herman Law is fighting the good fight for survivors of sexual abuse. As a lawyer and advocate specializing in cases about sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and survivors of rape Mr. Herman is a nationally-recognized trial lawyer with a team ready to help and assist clients. This makes him a very effective and good at what he does.


Jeff Herman journey all started years ago with a case that formed his career to this day. He was a commercial litigator and helped a woman whose autistic son was sexually abused at his school. Now after much research Jeff Herman found out that the perpetrator was a convicted pedophile in another state. The school her son went to did not do a proper background check and so many children were exposed to this person. After this case Mr. Herman made it his lifelong mission to help children, men, and women get the justice and peace they needed to move on in their lives.


Jeff uses everything in his power to help his clients including the help of his team of former law enforcement officials to do the investigative end of the case. He also uses big whiteboards that he hangs on his office walls to write down the timeline of each case. Because he is a very visual person this helps him tremendously. Jeff Herman really immerses himself in helping people by learning to be a better advocate for victims. Jeff Herman also teaches continuing education classes to help future litigators that are training to specialize in sexual abuse, so they know how to talk with victims like children in the right manner, so they are not torn down and make them feel empowered.


Looking back on his journey Jeff Herman wants to help his younger self with some wisdom and advice. He would tell himself to be patient and be persistent. Also, to enjoy the journey instead of rushing to the finish line. The best $100 he spent recently was on a fishing rod for his son. This created a deep love for fishing and he now wants to do it all the time, even before school. Read This Article for related information.


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