Alex Pall reveals why the talent his group Chainsmokers is not just a smoke screen.

Thanks to a recent interview with the Chainsmokers, we were able to find out background information about the group, how they met, their musical work ethic, and how they have evolved. The members of Chainsmokers reveal that they both have a deep love for music. This love for music compelled them to start to DJ locally.

Their love for the DJ scene caused them to take some big risks. Alex Pall was a DJ in New York in his spare time. Pall revealed that he had a 9 to 5 but he was really passionate about his music. His love and passion for is music helped him to take a leap of faith. He decided to really give music a chance. This decision led him to Andrew Taggart. Pall revealed that when the two met, they didn’t waste any time- they began to work on music immediately. Pall no longer had the security of his job because he quit it to focus more on his music; Drew also removed himself from his safety net by moving from Maine to New York.

Once the two linked up, they worked non-stop on their craft. They lived music in hopes to shape themselves as artist and to develop their sound. Their long days and nights working on music really paid off. They were able to book gigs because the crowds enjoyed their sound. They credit the ability to stay interesting to the way that they observe the current music scene to see what the crowd really enjoyed. Knowing what is popular is not the full blueprint to their success. The group is able to continuously reinvent themselves. Pall and Drew pride themselves on trying new things. For example, on their new singles -Drew is singing on one of the songs “Closer”. This is a new move for the group because usually a singing talent would be recruited in order to lay down vocals on a track for them. Not only is Drew singing but he helped to write the song.

Bold moves by Drew and Pall will help the group to continuously recreate their sound. The group has revealed that they have already pushed the envelope with meshing various genres together but fans will have to wait to hear such a concoction because it is not included on the music that they are releasing.