Wes Edens: A Businessman Venturing in Different Industries

Wes Edens is one of the founders of the Fortress Investment Group, and he has been working with the company since 1998. Aside from his financial ventures, he is also known for buying franchises of sports teams. FlyQuest, a team, created to compete for the League of Legends, and the Milwaukee Bucks which is a National Basketball Association team, was bought by Wes Edens. Recently, a report surfaced stating that the founder of the Fortress Investment Group would now be purchasing the Aston Villa, an English soccer team. He will be partnering with Nassef Sawiris, an Egyptian billionaire, to buy the majority stakes of the team, and this would also fuel more funds to the team to help its players perform better. Tony Xia purchased the Aston Villa in 2016, a wealthy Chinese businessman. Once the transaction goes through, he will become the company’s co-chairman, and he would remain on the team’s board of directors. Wes Edens will be purchasing a stake that is equivalent to 55% of the whole team, or around $39 million.

Another venture by Wes Edens is with the transportation industry. He is the owner of the private passenger train line called Brightline. The line service is now extending to Miami and Chicago, and the founder of the Fortress Investment Group is also trying to extend his operations to Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and other major cities across the United States. The company has been building new train lines for destinations that are too short for an airplane ride but too far for a drive. The addition of new routes for Brightline is expected to draw more passengers, and the company is expected to grow further after their expansion.

Wes Edens continues to look for new ventures where he could invest. He is one of the reasons why the Fortress Investment Group became successful, and he believes that his expertise and skills in managing a company would help it succeed. When the Fortress Investment Group was only beginning, he agreed to the group when they decided to offer the company as an IPO, and it turned out to be successful.