How Hussain Sajwani Became Successful

Dubai is one of the most prominent cities anywhere. Millions of people live in the city, and the average income is among the highest in the world.

Hussain Sajwani is a business owner in the area. He is the founder and CEO of DAMAC Properties. His company focuses on residential and commercial real estate construction. In the past few years, the company has expanded tremendously. He is focused on improving his company in the years ahead. He firmly believes that he can drastically improve sales in the future.

Starting DAMAC Properties

Hussain started DAMAC Properties because he was tired of working for other people. He went to college and started a typical career path after graduation. However, he was not happy and knew he needed to make a drastic change.

Hussain founded a real estate company because he saw various financial opportunities in the industry. He felt like Dubai was on the verge of massive growth, and he wanted to take advantage of the economic possibilities.


According to, while building a business, Hussain also took time to invest in the real estate industry. He firmly believes that anyone can become wealthy by purchasing investment properties. He owns dozens of investment properties that generate passive income.

Hussain uses the income from his investments to purchase additional investment homes. He plans to repeat this cycle for the foreseeable future.

Helping Young People

Hussain Sajwani is passionate about helping people in his city. He sets up local classes to teach people the basics of real estate investing. With all of the opportunities in Dubai, he wants to help as many people as possible.

He strongly encourages young people to start investing as early as possible. He credits his real estate investments with helping him pursue a life of financial independence. Instead of worrying about money each month, he can focus on projects that truly matter to him.

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