Infinity Group’s Effective Financial Fitness Model

Infinity Group Australia is a financial counseling company that offers its clients financial advice and other services in debt reduction, property investments, and retirement. It was founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm, who created a business model that he calls “financial fitness”. Holm compares his company’s services to that of a personal trainer. With a trainer, you have the chance to get better at fitness every day, and they are there every step of the way to help you achieve your goal. Infinity Group uses this analogy as a founding principle of the company. They give people advice on their financial situation and set goals for them to stick to. You get better results with a personal trainer, and you will get better results with Infinity Group.

Instead of acting like a traditional broker, Infinity Group focuses on conducting detailed analyses of a family’s finances, along with their spending trends, and their financial goals and needs. They then focus on creating a unique cash-based budget for the week. This budget includes basic necessities like gas, food, travel, and entertainment. Once the loan has settled, Infinity Group keeps providing the family with advice on reducing any kind of monthly payment, specifically home mortgages, and sends the client a progress report.

The company has been producing outstanding results ever since its establishment, boasting 100% recommendation rates. Some clients were even able to reduce their debt by 90k in as little as 12 months. Holm maintains that the reason why his company is so successful is that they are dedicated to financial education, rather than racking up people’s debt.

Infinity Group also boasts insanely high customer satisfaction rates as well an incredible customer service. In fact, Infinity Group is the proud recipient of 2018’s Customer Experience Management Award’s “Best Overall Organization OX” title. Customers often say they enjoy their customer-first management style, making it easy for them to have a session with Infinity without having to worry about how they are going to be treated or if it will be a good experience because they already know it will be.

The bottom line is, Infinity Group has managed to formulate a different and very effective approach to finances that allows Australians to their minimize the costs of living without having to sacrifice essential amenities and its working. Not only that, but this reduction of debt has allowed Infinity Group customers to focus on generating more wealth, which can then lead to higher investment rates for all of Australia.

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