Vinod Gupta Is A Shining Beacon In Business

Vinod Gupta is a one-of-a-kind individual. He was the driving force behind much of the success of a very well-known database company. The successful company was put into motion by Gupta with just a $100 bank loan. It would eventually be purchased for well over $600 million. With years of operational business experience under his belt he was able to build Everest Group into a very lucrative company, which is his most recent endeavor. Everest primarily operates within the realm of database technology, providing venture capital when needed. It also provides a host of other services to help struggling companies become profitable.


Vinod Gupta also possesses a multi-faceted skill-set in the world of business. Despite the many accolades Vinod Gupta has received throughout his career he manages to be relatively humble and modest. He is an avid philanthropist and has donated funds to several causes he holds dear. Education is a cause that is especially close to his heart as it has been vital in his life. He holds it in such high regard that he’s devoted massive resources to building a girls’ school in his village and 2 schools in India. See This Page for related information.


Vinod Gupta got involved in business after he realized there was a need for a service in a particular niche market. He recognized that the void presented a big opportunity. He began his career with a mobile home manufacturing company, where he worked within the marketing department. It was here that Vinod Gupta came up with the idea for his first business, American Business Information. The company specialized in compiling lists national businesses throughout various scopes of businesses.


A big key to Gupta’s success is staying motivated. No matter the circumstances a person might find themselves in staying motivated is how a person can change their circumstances for the better.