Shervin Pishevar Speaks Truth to the Future

Shervin Pishevar chose wisely in investments. He was one of the first investors in promising startups like Airbnb, Dollar Shave Club, and Uber. Using the money made from such investments, Pishevar opened Investment company. As founder and manager of Investment company, he has always been ahead of other investors when it comes to reading the market. The normally outspoken Shervin Pishevar gave up public pronouncements when he resigned from Investment company, so it came as a surprise when he took to Twitter in February 2018 with a 21-hour storm of tweets predicting the financial future.

He finds the immediate future a dismal place financially, which he blames on tax giveaways, increased use of credit, and rising interest rates. He further stated that government bonds no longer have the power to slow or stop a stock market slide, and called the American traits of ingenuity and innovation, as typified by Silicon Valley, now the “Global Way. He believes that the internet has made startups, and financing, possible anywhere in the world, and that the worldwide decline will be followed by a worldwide ascent thanks to the power of the Internet.

Shervin Pishevar used this as an explanation for the demise of what he called the “big 5 unicorns,” Alphabet, Amazin, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. He points out that companies of this gigantic size often act as monopolies, buying up more innovative startups and stealing their technologies. He used the example of a team of Chinese workers building a complete train station in less than 9 hours as a sample of what he called “frictionless innovation.”

He believes that just as America’s space program jumped started new inventions, so today’s private space programs, such as SpaceX or Virgin Hyperloop, will instigate new innovations.

Shervin Pishevar forecasted the decline in alternative cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which he thinks will drop to the $2,000 to $5,000 range before slowly regaining value.