Retirement Comes Early With Freedom Checks

Most people start to save for retirement by contributing to the 401(k) accounts. Many Americans also depend on the Social Security benefits to cater for additional financial requirements when they retire. Matt Badiali has introduced a robust investment program known as the Freedom Checks to help the general population to grow their wealth and take care of their retirement.

Freedom Checks is an investment opportunity that takes advantage of the tax code to earn investors high returns, government subsidy, and lower tax. Matt claims that the tax code is little known but perfectly legal. The companies that Matt Badiali advises his clients to invest in are not subject to the regular taxation, and the investors get regular checks from the government.

Information on the investment

Unlike many pyramids and get-rich-quick schemes, Freedom Checks requires the investors to invest for long-term benefits. The investments are legitimate sources of income and securities, which bring in a return. However, unlike the conventional securities, Matt’s investments result in a higher than average return on investment.

The funds invested in these securities are used to pay workers, purchase equipment and pay for products that have been derived from natural resources found in America. Companies that work on the natural resources require significant workforce and capital resources to accomplish their work. Therefore, the USA government offers incentives to help the companies to utilize the available natural resources. These benefits are passed on to the investors to boost the economy.

The legal concerns of this investment

Investing in Freedom Checks is perfectly legal. The U.S tax code spells out these incentives and has been in force since 1987. The Statute 26-F of the U.S tax states that companies that get at least 90 percent of their revenue from the extraction, transport, storing and processing natural resources found in America get exempted from taxation.

Badiali has identified a good number of companies that earn over 90 percent of their income from carrying out the activities above. Hence, he leads his investors into investing in those companies. In return, investors enjoy high yields as well as minimal risks to their investments under Statute 26-F.