Stream Energy Invests in More Philanthropic Activities.

The company is a market leader in the provision of quality connected life services. For example, wireless plans, Virtual MD, and voice services. The firm uses a direct selling approach. Its customers also benefit from wireless, protective, and home services. The organization is also ranked highly among the most profitable ventures in the energy sector. Stream Energy was established 13 years ago and has recorded an $8billion revenue over time. The organization operates in areas such as New York, Illinois, Delaware, New Jersey, and Ohio. It also deals with retail electric services. The firm guarantees reliable connections at any place and time. Its business model has benefited thousands of associates through employment. The company has mechanisms to improve the lives of their team and helping them to attain their full potential.

The associates of Stream Energy have experienced improved living standards and being in a better position to cater to their family needs. Over the years, the number of associates has increased to the current level of 250,000. One of the empowerment initiatives that the company has embraced is Women of Power. Under this group, women meet to discuss and share ideas on how to grow their enterprises. The firm recognizes that every person has a gift and if well utilized, they are likely to have a big impact on the society. The management of Stream Energy also channels some of its revenue to improve the lives of the members of the society.

Stream Cares is a subsidiary that was launched by the company to focus on charity. Some local non-profit organizations such as Home Supply Co. have received funding. Home Supply Co. takes care of young homeless children. Earlier this year, Stream Energy made a $15,000 donation to the Red Cross Organization to help the victims of the Hurricane incident in East Texas. Most of the Houston neighborhoods experienced flooding, loss, and destruction of property. The energy firm expressed a willingness to help the residents as they recover from the heavy losses. Philanthropy is one of the core values of Stream Energy since its inception. Most of the charity work undertaken by the company has benefited the residents of Dallas, Texas.