OSI Group Has Achieved Sustainable Growth Under Sheldon Lavin’s Leadership

Sheldon Lavin started out his career working for an investment bank as a manager, which was actually quite an enjoyable job for him at the time according to him. Sheldon noticed that had a talent when ti came to finances and he wanted to help other companies maximize potential through his financial prowess.

For many years, Sheldon worked as an investment manager for a bank and he was still doing this job when he was first invited to join the OSI Group. At the time, OSI Group was known as Otto & Sons and they were going through a rapid level of expansion, especially through their McDonald’s contract. Because of this, they needed financial assistance and asked to bring in Sheldon Lavin on the team.

Becuase of the success of the first project that Sheldon was bought in on, Otto decided that he wanted to bring Sheldon into the company as a stakeholder, making him more integrated into the company, but Sheldon ultimately decided to refuse the offer. Instead, Sheldon remained a financial consultant for Otto & Sons.

Sheldon Lavin was called on again by Otto & Sons to handle another bout of expansion happening at the company and by 1975, Sheldon was made a full member of the company. This was also when the company changed its name to give it a fresh new look, OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin did not have ownership of the company at this time, but by the mid 80’s, Sheldon took over the position as controlling shareholder for the company.

For more than forty years, Sheldon Lavin has been working with the OSI Group and today he leads the company towards higher levels of global expansion. Every year, OSI Group supplies food products to millions of people all over the world through their relationships with many store chains and restaurants.

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