Alex Hern Entrepreneur of Technology Talent

Alex Hern is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Tsunami XR successful software and content solutions company founded in 2011. Alex Hern is a prestigious technology entrepreneur with over 25 years developing impressive software applications throughout California and Florida.

Alex Hern Businessman with a Plan

Alex Hern with several years in executive positions when starting out his career plan while employed with well-known software technology companies, main focus as a business owner was companies in the development stage and the nurturing of technology companies when he founded Tsunami and Tsunami XR.

Mr. Hern’s idea when Tsunami was founded was an idea of realization. In order for a computer device to be of any use the (CPU) Central Processing Unit must have a software program in order for the device to operate by the user’s instruction. Mr. Hern knew Tsunami would be a sound business of reason due to the never-ending need for high-tech software applications and platforms for various computer programs used worldwide.

Tsunami XR which is a business within itself is next level collaboration platform software developed by the Tsunami Company used specifically by engineers and scientists. Alex Hern states that the high productivity in his company is due to the development of Tsunami XR.

Alex Hern Stays Focused

Alex Hern’s success as an entrepreneur was due to staying focused on the goals he wanted to achieve. One may feel that multi-tasking in the workplace or just, in general, is an act of being productive. Alex Hern disagrees. Alex spends several hours a day just focusing on one thing that would allow him to complete a specific goal in his personal life or a step forward as a business owner.

One may or may not find that Alex makes a valid point and one may have experienced disappointing results by not staying focused on a particular goal, or multi-tasking with the results of doing some task correct and some completely incorrect.

Alex Hern at the End of the Day

Alex Hern at the end of a busy day as a successful business owner enjoys spending time as a loving husband and father with his wife and kids residing within the area of San Diego California.

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