Sightsavers: Restoring Vision Internationally

Blinded by Cataracts, grandma Akhtar had never seen her granddaughter, Savira’s smile. A build up or proteins on the lenses of her eyes led to blindness. This condition is incredibly common, especially in third world countries where it is one of the leading causes of blindness.


Enter, Sightsavers. Sightsavers’ Million Miracles is paying for one million cataract surgeries with the funding they’ve raised. This is reversing blindness in third world countries and changing countless lives.


Grandma Ahktar was one of the recipients of this free surgery, and now, she can finally see her granddaughter smile and go back to being the head of her household.


According to Sightsavers home website, over twenty million people are blind due to the growth of cataracts. These build up and lead to blurry vision and eventually blindness. They often affect older people but sometimes can even lead to blindness in children. They can be present at birth or develop over time and as the result of an injury. When left untreated, especially in children, they can lead to a vision that can never fully be restored. The kicker? Just $78 can pay for the entire operation necessary for a child’s cataract procedure.


The surgery to repair and remove cataracts can take only twenty minutes to complete from start to finish. It involves removing the clouded eye lens and replacing it with a new, artificial lens without the protein buildup. After the surgery, the individual may start seeing again in as little as a few hours.


Sightsavers is making its mission to not only supple cataract surgery to people in third world countries but to also guarantee the quality of treatment and surgery being received. Last year, they completed 316,000 surgeries. Since they were founded, they’ve done over six million. They are also responsible for training over a thousand surgeons.


People like grandma Akhtar can get a second chance at life with this vision-restoring surgery. Sightsavers is working diligently to give people like her the chance to see again and to return to their normal quality of life. This incredible foundation is helping thousands of men, women, and children by restoring the precious gift of sight.


If you would like to donate or volunteer for this awesome organization, get in touch with them via their website today: For a small donation, you can completely change somebody’s world and give them the ability to see again.