Drive A Vehicle Sold To You By A Doctor

Doctors are not just in the business of healing people in Brazil, at least not some of them. It was 1979 when Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade made a bold step to become an entrepreneur in his home country. He hadn’t necessarily planned on taking this course in life, but sometimes circumstances line up just right in a certain way that you cannot deny. Dr. Carlos saw one of those circumstances when he was facing down a bankrupt car dealership.

The dealership had sold Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade a Ford vehicle that they could not deliver to him due to their impending bankruptcy. That is when a light bulb went off in his mind. He decided that he could make the dealership an offer to purchase them in exchange for them keeping the down payment that he had already made on the vehicle. The dealership agreed to this deal, and suddenly Dr. Carlos was the owner of a dealership.

He sank his heart into the dealership and turned it around from the state that it had been in to something special. It took six years, but the dealership become the largest Ford dealer in the entire country of Brazil. It was something that no one could have predicted. However, that is what you get when you put someone like Dr. Carlos up to the task.

In case you were wondering, the name of the business that he runs is CAOA. These letters relate back to the initials of his unique name. It is a vanity play in some ways to be sure, but those letters also now mean something important to the people who see them. They understand that they are dealing with a well-respected dealership that they can trust.

The business has continued to grow stronger through the years. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade believes that things are only going to continue to get better as times goes on with more favorable government regulations, and a market that has a strong appetite for more vehicles. This is the perfect mix to make for a booming success for Dr. Carlos and anyone who goes into business with him.

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