Roseann Bennett: Distinctively Utilizing Canine Assisted Therapy To Treat Mental Health


When it comes to treating mental health clients, most therapists tend to remain steadfast in their execution of traditional counseling and psychological treatments as a result of the absence of thought to pursue other alternatives. Yet, unlike so many of these conventionally-driven professionals, Roseann Bennett holds the distinctive title of being one of the few therapists to think outside of the box by introducing canine assisted therapy as a measure to help treat her mental health clients.

Moreover, prior to gaining well-deserved recognition for the proven success of her therapeutic alternative, Roseann Bennett demonstrated calculated career commitment that others could attest to as being sheer determination to make an improved difference in the lives of clients.

As a family and marriage therapist who based her practice out of the state of New Jersey, Roseann Bennett first began treating clients in the comfort of their own home at the beginning of her career. However, over the course of her 10+ years of service, Bennett sought to establish an outreach program that would allow her to serve a greater number of clients. Upon this strong desire, she founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment in Hackettstown, NJ to serve as an intervention center for those in need of a wide range of mental health assistance.

Nonetheless, while serving as the center’s Executive Director, Bennett wanted to assure that her clients received the best treatment and began exploring different alternatives. According to research, there is scientific evidence that proves the disbursement of positive emotions by canines upon their interactions with humans. Moreover, after witnessing for herself the positive effects that Canine Assisted Therapy had upon the young autistic children she had worked with, Bennett began to introduce the treatment to other clients to improve their mental health as well.

She recently added a canine named Jack to the center and as the new member to the team, Jack is currently undergoing certification to help boost mood and behavior among the clients. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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