Anthony Constantinou Applies Bayesian Artificial Intelligence To The Sports Industry


Anthony Constantinou teaches and performs research at Queen Mary University, London. He is a lecturer assistant professor and this university’s head of Bayesian artificial intelligence. Anthony Constantinou first joined this university in October 2009 when he was a Ph.D. researcher.

He attended the University of Hertfordshire and earned his bachelor’s degree there in computer science and his master’s degree in artificial intelligence with robotics. He earned Bayesian Networks involving risk assessment, prediction, and decision making in 2012.

He is originally from the Republic of Cyprus. Anthony Constantinou served for just over two years in the Greek Cypriot National Guard as a soldier. After completing his Ph.D. he was hired by AgenaRisk as a decision scientist intern. He was involved in investment decisions at this financial firm as well as strategic planning. This company soon hired him as an associate consultant.

He used his education in Bayesian network technology to address complex risky problems and he made significant improvements to AgenaRisk’s decision making processes. He has also freelanced as a consultant since July 2015 and has applied his knowledge in several industries including the sports betting, finance, economics, gaming, and medicine. Go To This Page for related information.

Anthony Constantinou has written a number of papers about how Bayesian Artificial Intelligence can be used in the sports industry. One such paper he wrote in 2012 was about how inefficiencies in the gambling market can be improved. He has also written about how referee bias can unfairly affect a football game and how scoring rules could be improved.


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