Steve Ritchie Apologizes

Moving Forward

Papa John’s, in light of recent changes, is receiving new images on both their marketing and pizza boxes. Additionally, the company’s new Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Steve Ritchie, crafted a sincere apology letter to all Papa John’s customers. With over 22 years of experience working with the company, Steve Ritchie new exactly what steps needed to be taken to mend the problem.

In his apology letter Steve Ritchie addressed several things. The letter mainly focused on assuring customer’s that he was sorry about any pain that Papa John’s customers may be currently feeling. He also briefly explained the hard tasks that the 120,000 plus Papa John’s employees do in order to make sure that their customers have the best experiences possible.

Looking forward, Steve Ritchie explained that Papa John’s will be taking several steps to audit the culture and diversity practices of the company. These steps will involve Papa John’s hiring external experts that are experienced with cultural diversity. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s also mentioned that the Papa John’s senior management team would be personally making trips to various store locations in order to collect feedback from the company’s many team members. During this process Steve Ritchie would like for Papa John’s customers to hold the company responsible in making sure that all of these tasks are done properly.

Initial Apology

The letter noted above is Steve Ritchie’s second apology letter. In his first letter, Steve Ritchie was somewhat less compassionate and apologetic to the Papa John’s customers. After revisions to the initial letter, he included more empathy towards Papa John’s customers and explained that the company is comprised of several thousand team members. By listing steps that the company would be taking, asking customers to hold the company accountable, mentioning that the company is going to be transparent with its customers throughout the auditing process, and being overall more empathetic with Papa John’s customers Steve Ritchie created an apology letter that will allow for the company to move forward in a much better light.