The RealReal Educates Their Customers On Authenticity

Can you spot the difference between a real designer item from a fake? If not, then maybe you should check out The RealReal’s Instagram page. There you’ll learn a lot about authenticity and knowing the difference between a fake designer item from an authentic one. The RealReal isn’t just about posting glamorous photos of their clothing and accessories. They want to educate their customers so they don’t shop anywhere else and get duped.

Check out this amazing post that shows a photo of a model wearing a burgundy leather coat with a Gucci belt. It’s the iconic Gucci belt that you’ve probably seen all over the runways and in your favorite TV shows. It seems like every woman (and man) owns a Gucci belt these days. You probably wanted to get your hands on one as well. The RealReal is here to educate you on how you can spot a fake from a mile away.

The RealReal tells its customers that fall is just around the corner, which is why the model is wearing a leather coat. They wanted to show their customers three ways they can style a similar coat. Gucci belt not required, but it sure does look nice. The company also includes a link in their bio to their RealStyle style guide.

Here’s another Instagram post that’s easy on the eyes. The brand posts this shot of a beautiful mint green Chanel handbag alongside a mint fur wrap and a white fur wrap. All three pieces are seen sitting on a plush mint couch.