Talkspace Launches New Mental Health Campaign

Talkspace has recently partnered with international swimming champion, Michael Phelps, to launch their groundbreaking campaign on mental health on National TV. The swimmer who has openly shared his struggles with depression and anxiety, admits that it was difficult for him to get the help that he needed. However, when he opened up about his issues, he started to feel more empowered.

Talkspace provides individualized therapy sessions through web, video or even text at the convenience of the user. According to Michael Phelps, the convenience of the app helped him feel more empowered. Now, he has partnered with Talkspace to help others who may be going through the same challenges that he went through. Moreover, he wants to help others realize that it is much easier and more affordable to access help for mental health issues.

The partnership between Michael Phelps and Talkspace is a huge leap towards fighting the stigma that surrounds mental health. Undoubtedly, this partnership will empower more people to seek therapy for their mental health. The swimmer is also set to join the Talkspace Advisory Board where he will be better positioned to help others get the help that they need. The advisory board will be composed of industry experts, corporate CEOs and psychologists whose duty will be to advise the company on its mental health strategy.

Talkspace offers affordable and convenient psychotherapy to both individuals and corporate organizations. The company only works with licensed therapists who abide by the laws of the field such as professionalism and client confidentiality. The platform has been carefully developed by researchers and clinicians from world-class universities and health centers. Now, people with mental health problems can connect with licensed therapists through the web or mobile applications.

The main advantage of using Talkspace is that it offers therapy at an affordable rate. Individuals can now access quality healthcare without having to burn a hole in their pockets. Likewise, the platform eliminates locational and commute issues which may prevent people from accessing proper therapy care. The platform allows individuals to simply talk to their therapists through the internet. Also, the fact that talking to people online is much easier than face to face will hopefully empower more people to seek the help that they need.