Jeunesse Global Network Marketing World

Jeunesse Global was created by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis after they found Dr. Nathan Newman. Dr. Newman was a physician who researched the benefits of stem cells and the possible impact they can have in a variety of situations. Randy went to the doctor after he started to experience knee pain. While waiting for Randy to finish with his stem cell treatment, Wendy discovered that Dr. Newman had a skincare line that used the same formula. With the formula Dr. Newman created and the network marketing savvy that Randy and Wendy had gained in the network marketing world, they created one of the most successful direct marketing companies in the world. The company quickly grew to more than a billion dollars in annual sales. They were able to accomplish this because Randy was dedicated to providing his distributors with all the tools they would need to succeed in the network marketing industry while Wendy was focused on creating products that would help customers look and feel younger.

One of the most successful skincare lines of the company is Luminesce. This skincare line has eight different products from serums to day creams, moisturizing and lifting masks, cleansers and body renewals; Luminesce can have a big impact on how the client looks. It has a dramatic effect for clients because the entire line has APT-200, the brainchild of Dr. Newman. This formula is full of hundreds of different growth factors which help the skin create more elastin and collagen. Both proteins are necessary to help the skin maintain its youthful bounce, preventing the skin from sagging.

They also promote the M1ND supplement. This dietary gel is used to support the brain by incorporating L-theanine and Cera-Q. The company was inspired to create this product after studying Eastern medicine. The L-theanine is found in tea leaves and helps the mind let go of anxiety and stress-inducing thoughts. The Cera-Q is a unique protein created from silkworm cocoons that helps the brain maintain a stronger memory. The supplement is proven to help you have greater clarity of thought while also helping you remember names and words.