Gareth Henry, an Experienced man in the Alternative Asset Industry.

Gareth Henry is a person that has a unique ability to combine his training in mathematics and the experience he has gained in the field to be successful in the industry that deals with asset management. With an actuarial mathematics degree from Edinburgh University, Scotland, Gareth Henry has had a successful career that started in 2002 at Schroders.

With great dedication and extensive expertise, Gareth has been named the leader of Global Investor relations for the Investment company, Fortress Investment Group in the London office. He was honored because of the vital role he played in developing and executing a sales plan that addressed fixed income plan and institutional hedge fund, credit, private equity business line, and fixed income. He was then named as the leader of Fortress Liquid Market’s Global Investor Relations head. In this sector, he was responsible for overseeing a global team that targeted clients for all the company’s marketing, client services, and sales. Read more on

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry was working for Schroders, a money management company in London. He was the head of strategic Solutions in the company as well as serving as the Investment manager at Philadelphia SEI Investment and London’s Watson Wyatt LLP as an analyst. With the great ability to combine mathematical analysis and hard work in the finance sector, Gareth Henry has been able to develop touches that build relationships and create an extensive network of sovereign wealth funds, capital sources, and pension funds.

In an interview, Gareth stated that he was always fascinated by the intermarriage between mathematics and finance that helped him develop the knowledge of risk management and economics which are the basis of his success. While studying mathematics in the University, he used to interact with investors, colleagues, and even strangers and talk to them about investment and this helped him get interested in capital raising and investor relations even more.

Gareth Henry considers constant communication with clients vital in offering quality services. Understanding the needs of the client and the needs of the organization that he helps to grow is key.