Colin Phinisey and Christopher Guinn Joins HGGC to offer excellent services

HGGC is a company that is renowned for outstanding leadership from the executives. The private equity firm has been leading in its operations, and it has also been expanding its services. The company is always looking for the best management team, and that is why it hired six individuals who are expected to work as a team with other experienced professionals to continue expanding HGGC to offer its quality services. The reason why HGGC is always adding its management team is to ensure there is the right talent which is helpful in executing its financial strategies and creating value in its growth.

Colin Phinisey joined HGGC as a principal who is responsible for leading the company to continue building a portfolio when it comes to the capital markets. The successful entrepreneur is recognized as seasoned when it comes to financial investment. He is experienced in a broad range of capital markets. His experience ranges from mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts and debt financing in a broad range of sectors. Phinisey is experienced, and previously he was working at Deutsche Bank Securities as the Leveraged Finance Group Director. He also has the experience of working as a Senior Financial Analyst at Wachovia before moving to Deutsche Bank Securities.

The CEO and also a founder of HGGC, Rich Lawson said, “Colin brings substantial capital markets experience that will help further institutionalize best practices and lead our financing efforts with Wall Street.” Christopher Guinn is another expert who joined HGGC. He is the Executive Director of the company, and his work involves being active to build the portfolio of the company. Before joining the firm, Christopher Guinn was at Golden Gate Capital where he successfully led acquisition interactions. Guinn had also been working at Atrium Corporation and Neways International. He was the Chief Financial Officer at the two Golden Gate Capital Portfolio organizations.

Lawson said, “Chris expands the roster of our organization’s operational professionals that work closely with portfolio companies to ensure growth and success with operations, leadership, and financials.” He also said they were happy that they have new talent in their strong team.