Serge Belamant in the field of technology

Serge Belamant has made a great name for himself in the field of technology. About Serge Belamant, he was born in 1953 at Tulle in France, he later relocated to South Africa where he was privileged to attend Highlands High School. At Highlands, he learned a lot of things one of them is learning how to speak English fluently. In addition to that, he participated in other co-curricular activities. Serge was interested in sports and participated in rugby and chess games. He excelled very well and got to win many awards. After excelling his high school education, he got a chance to study at Witwatersrand University where he enrolled in an engineering course.

However, his was passion was not in engineering, rather it was based in the field of technology. According to Serge Belamant, therefore, decided to quit engineering and enrolled in a new course. He took computer science and applied mathematics. Later on, he decided to terminate his studies for a period of two years to give him an opportunity to study in another course which was based on technology. He never went back to continue his studies at Witwatersrand. He has gained a lot of skills and knowledge in technology and was ready to start his career. He bags his working career at Matrix which was an engineering company.

At the company, Serge Belamant was given the responsibility of working on small-medium size IBM computer using a software analysis program. In addition to that, he is credited for developing applications for cyber computers which were very essential for prediction of drought and the level of the RSA dam. His hard work and determination landed him a job at the center for scientific and industrial research where he supervised the computer section of the Pretoria Witwatersrand and Vereeniging which was a project concerning road planning. His knowledge in technology enabled him to create graphics, digital mapping, road network analysis and so much much more which was essential 8n road construction. His business success in his work has enabled him to land in other bigger roles such as being the Chief Executive Officer of Net1. It is without a doubt that Serge Belamant has contributed greatly to the field of technology.