Betsy DeVos: the Politician and the Woman

Betsy DeVos is the current education secretary of the United States. She was tapped for this position by President Donald Trump. His choice of education secretary was met with much hoopla on the parts of the media, who insisted that DeVos lacked the qualifications and the experience necessary for the education department. A lot of media members insisted that her inexperience with teaching in the education department or holding any position within the education department meant that she wasn’t a good fit for the job.


The education department is generally led by someone who has worked within the department or who has teaching experience in the education system of the United States. Betsy DeVos does not fit into either of these categories, but she does have experience with working on school choice programs in her home state of Michigan. She has also donated extensively to scholarship programs and other private school programs in Michigan. Her experience may not be traditional, but she has been aware of issues within the school system due to her work with the school choice programs and donations.


While there was far too much negative press on Betsy DeVos being chosen for the education department, she has since proven herself to be a good fit for the education department though. The education department has changed for the better in some ways because of Betsy DeVos and her work as the education secretary. She wrote an open letter to the entire education department encouraging individual school systems to make decisions regarding transgender bathroom rights. She is the first education department secretary to openly call for a debate in Congress regarding school gun violence, and she has encouraged the department to start focusing on educating American student more in math and science studies so they can compete in those studies with other leading countries in the world.


Betsy DeVos the woman and the politician has proven that being a part of the education department as an outsider has given her a different and important point of view to help lead the department into a new future. Students across the country will soon be focusing their energy more on science and math. School systems are making their own rules regarding transgender bathroom rights. And Congress is pushing for debates on how to make schools safer and for mental illness treatment across the country to be improved to avoid future school mass shootings.


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