Gareth Henry’s Difference In Mathematics

Gareth Henry is known for being a financial executive with high-level training in Mathematics. Right now, he is the managing director at Fortress, and he is in charge of raising capital in the European, Middle Eastern and African markets.

He began his career by getting an Actuarial Science degree from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. It is expected and almost normal that the people who graduate with this degree end up with careers in insurance companies or even the sector at large. Well, this was not so for Gareth Henry since he started his career as the Director of Strategic Solutions for Schroders. He was entirely different from the other mathematicians in that he had a knack for talking to people be it clients, colleagues, and even strangers.

With the passion for customer service, he quickly moved his path into the world of hedge funds and private equity. Here Gareth Henry was able to raise large amounts of capital for Fortress’ hedge funds, real estate vehicles, private equity, and private credit. He worked as the Head of International Investor Relations in Fortress. With all these, he would now move to manage large investor groups for large companies. At this time, he was only 32years old and with experience of at most ten years in financial industry. The uniqueness of Gareth Henry is that he brings in different disciplines and experiences being that he was young and this creates raw assets for success. His dedicated and unmoved passion for understanding his clients made him stand out, and this is what made the critical difference between him and the rest of the industry colleagues.

Gareth Henry’s typical day starts at 7 am where he makes calls to Europe and Asia from his office. After that, he goes on to handle day to day activities in New York. Most of his nights are spent on dinners with either clients or sometimes his colleagues. He has an average of 500 meetings in a year but believes 1000 meetings per year is reasonable.

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