Sunday Riley Beauty Products: How much of the hype is real?

Beauty brands have changed dramatically over the past few years, although large companies such as Sephora and Ulta still dominate the markets there is no doubt that smaller brands have broken into the mainstream with an almost cult-like status behind their name. This is exactly the position that Sunday Riley skin-care line has come to see within the past few years of their existence. The Sunday Riley company which is named after the actual person who created the products has a following of over 224,000 followers on Instagram with only thirteen products readily available. Needless to say that the small Houston based beauty company has caught the eye of many in the industry, not only for their massive following but also due to the incredible natural based ingredients used within their products. In an effort to see if Sunday Riley products really lived up to the hype we decided to test out a few, and here are the results.

“Good Genes”

This product is no doubt one of their best sellers and rightfully so as the multitasking formula ingredients give you smoother skin overnight. In addition, the product smells unique, to say the least, however, it is due to the high concentration of lactic acid that provides the base for its incredible results.


This night face wash breaks all the myths that retinoids will cause your face to turn red and eventually dry up all the important oils. Luna scores big across the board in regards to effectiveness and long lasting results.


If you suffer from mild to moderate acne, the Saturn product will be your best friend. This green face mask includes a combination of niacinamide and sulfur as well as other natural ingredients. Saturn is a great option for the prevention of whiteheads and occasional acne flare-ups.