Zeco Auriemo: Running the Family Business

Zeco Auriemo is a man who proved to his father, while he was very young, that he was capable of extending an arm of help to the real estate development company even before he was of age. While studying horse riding in Europe and when he attended the International Youth Coexistence in Japan, Zeco showed that he was always a leader, refer to (Zeronaldo.com).

At the mere age of 17, Zeco joined the company and was working in the parking department as well as some double time in administration. At the same time, Zeco applied to joined University at Sao Paulo, but his passion for business took him back to the business his father had built.

After nearly 2 decades of function and service, JHSF turned into incorporation business. A choice which at the time might have seemed risky and spend all, lose all, however, now, the company is earning up to 90% of its revenues from this. During this same era, JHSF became involved in the development of Punta del Este in Uruguay, where they developed luxury condos. The company also expanded into Manaus, Sao Paulo and Salvador, all under the leadership of Zeco and they also worked on a couple of shopping centers like Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz.

At the beginning of the 2000s, after having a steady hand in general incorporation business, Zeco Auriemo decided to take a leap for the high-income side of the business where he was certain that all he was doing was taking a serious gamble. Following his gut, Zeco convinced JHSF to invest highly on developing Parque Cidade Jardim which will not only have condos and shopping complexes, but residential zones as well.

After finishing the Parque, JHSF earned so much profit under Zeco’s decision that they were able to join the stock exchange of Sao Paulo.