Michael Nierenberg: The Well-Versed CEO Of New Residential Investment Corporation

New Residential Investment Corporation is a company that is holding a superior position in publicly trading in real estate investment trust. New Residential Investment Corporation is focused on investing and managing investments that is primarily related to residential real estate.

One of New Residential Investment Corporation’s objectives is investing in very high risk but also very high rewarding investments that is focused on non-agency residential mortgage backed securities, servicer advances, excess mortgage servicing rights and associated call rights. New Residential Investment Corporation is also known for maximizing their expertise and their knowledge of the investment market to be able to invest on the best performing choices for investments. New Residential Investment Corporation is focused on growing dividends for their shareholders. New Residential Investment Corporation also focuses on generating profit on stable performing assets as well that is goaled for long term cash flows and they also employ more conservative capital structures to generate stable returns through different cash flows and different sources of interest incomes and environments.

Michael Nierenberg is an individual that has extensive experience in the industry of investments. Michael Nierenberg has served in various high profile companies that has honed his skills and has developed his expertise in the industry. Here are some of the notable experiences that Michael Nierenberg has underwent:

1. Managing Director of Fortress LLC

2. Managing Director and Head of Global Mortgages and Securitized Products at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

3. Head of Sales and Trading Activities Division at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

4. Services in Bank of American Meryll Lynch from 2008

5. Head of Global Securitized Products of Bank of American Meryll Lynch

6. Member of Management Committee Of The Invesment Bank of the Bank of American Meryll Lynch

7. Held a range of Senior Leadership Positions in Bear Stearns For 14 Years

8. Head of Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Trading Operations in Bear Stearns

9. Co-head of Structured Products in Bear Stearns

10. Co-head of Mortgage-backed Securities Trading in Bear Stearns

11. (2006-2008) Member of Bear Stearn’s Board of Directors

12. Experience in Lehman Products for seven years

These experiences and the expertise of Michael Nierenberg are sure to improve the performance of New Residential Investment Corporation.

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