Stream Energy Gives Back to the Dallas Community

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Dallas-based energy company Stream Energy knew it was time for the company to help out the community. The company set up its own charitable organization called Stream Cares. It is dedicated to helping out in the local community, but it helps throughout Texas and across America. Stream Energy has been very successful selling energy to its associates, and it wanted to show its customers that it cared. Stream Cares is a formal way to run the philanthropic side of the company. Stream Energy wants to be associated with charity.

It has already teamed up with famous charities like Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. Stream Energy sells its energy to its associates who then go on to sell to both residential and commercial customers. Those associates know their communities the best, and they often help Stream Cares distribute its money.

It is not just money that Stream Cares gives. It is proud that its employees want to give up their time as well. Employees of the company have taken note of the growing homeless crisis in the Dallas area. The number has recently gone up by almost 25%. Homelessness also affects children. Stream Energy employees recently took those children on a day trip to a local water park. For many of the children, it was the first time they had been to one. Stream Cares did that in partnership with Dallas charity Hope Supply Co. Hope Supply Co donates a variety of products throughout the year to help children.

Stream Cares’ employees also recently set up a lunch for Dallas veterans and their children, and they also hosted an event for ten daughters of veterans. Stream Energy knows how generous Americans are in giving to charity, and it is proud to be leading the way to help causes in Texas.