Organo Gold History

Organo Gold is a famous company for tremendous efforts to capitalize on coffee production. The company was established in 2008 by a prominent entrepreneur Bernardo Chua. Bernado Chua had been practicing network marketing thus gaining much experience that enhances his management at this coffee company. To found Shane Morand gave Organo Gold Company Bernardo Chua support. Morand`s role was to work closely with the company’s Scientific advisory board and supervise the selling efforts of the company. The company also entails other professionals including Dr. Irma Prado, Li Ye, and Dr. Li Xiaoyu.

Over the years Organo Gold company has invested a lot of resources to ensure that research is conducted to establish new technology as well as the best methods of coffee productions. There are established research facility Xianzhilou which is a Biology research center based in Fujian China. The main reason behind the research foundation was to ensure that the coffee being produced to the customers is unique and of high-quality to beat the completion in the market. The Biology research center is headed by Dr. Li Xiaoyu who oversee that the company’s coffee is certified and meets all the required standards.

Organo Gold company serves a wide range of customers across the globe hence the company has established other facilities to top up those in China. The company has active regional offices in both United States and Canada. The company has a policy which is to meet the tastes and preferences of the clients hence they use Ganoderma Lucidium that is of great benefit to the body. Organo Gold supplies its manufactured coffee to small retail stores, coffee shops and malls for easy access. Also, the company has ventured into producing other Ganoderma supplements, green tea that has been blended with Ganoderma and hot chocolate. The company insists on using Ganoderma lucidium as it helps in managing cholesterol.