Why Kate Hudson is so Passionate about Fabletics

It’s always inspiring to see someone who is truly passionate about the work they are doing. I love seeing how passionate actress Kate Hudson is about the fitness wear line she spearheads, Fabletics. Much of their marketing shows behind the scenes videos of Kate and her team and it’s wonderful to see someone who isn’t just a spokes person but who really aligns themselves with the brand.


From day one, Kate Hudson has said that the reason she wanted to work with Fabletics was because she truly believes in the brand. She believes that fitness should be fun and that women should be able to express themselves through their workout gear no matter what type of exercise they are partaking in. She also believes greatly in the overarching vision of Fabletics, which is to connect women with high quality fitness wear that is affordable and trendy.


Fabletics is just that. Each piece in the Fabletics line is chosen by a meticulous team, which includes Kate Hudson, that look at consumer data and trends before including any new pieces. Kate Hudson herself is very active in this selection and she also checks sales data consistently for a comprehensive grasp on what articles her fans are loving in order to ensure maximum success.


Outside of sales data, Fabletics is passionate about using data in its online showroom. The online showroom has always come first for Fabletics, who pushes the model of a reverse showroom. The company only has a few brick and mortar stores, opened in select locations. These locations themselves are seen as a way to make the online experience better, which is the opposite view of many traditional retail stores that utilize the online store as an addition to their physical locations. The concept of reverse showrooming is becoming essential as today’s consumer either does not want to go into stores for long shopping excursions but rather order online from the convenience of their homes with the ability to compare prices across multiple platforms.


With Fabletics reverse showroom and membership packages, women seeking trendy and quality workout gear know that they are receiving the best price from Fabletics. They also know that the process will be incredibly convenience, with outfits shipped directly to their door and a simple return policy. The outfits are picked for each person after they take a Lifestyle Quiz (you can take it on Fabletics website), that learns about them and then saves those results for each monthly outfit.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Might Have Amazon on the Ropes

Amazon has been the leader in e-commerce sales for years, and in the highly competitive women’s active-wear niche, they dominate the field. In fact, Amazon takes in 20 percent of all sales in that space, and has not had a close competitor in years. It appears that one competitor is not afraid of the Amazon empire, and has been making some serious pushes towards the top spot in the women’s apparel niche. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has made over $250 million in sales in only three years, and has made up some serious ground on Amazon this year.


Hudson talks about how her company has really transformed the landscape, and it all comes down to her unique membership package combined with the process known as reverse showrooming. So how do these two components equal such explosive sales numbers? We start at the Fabletics retail store in the mall, where women are getting their free memberships, doing a little window-shopping, trying on all the clothing they like, and taking the Lifestyle Quiz that enhances their memberships. The company does not put any pressure on these women to buy at the retail store, so how does Fabletics make money?


The secret to the success of this company happens later when these women will eventually wind up at the Fabletics website. Hudson says her athleisure brand sells itself because of high-quality and convenience. When a customer goes to the website, all the active-wear and workout apparel they wore in the store is in the online profile, so they know how things already fit. Based on what already fits perfectly, these women will add more items, new styles, and the latest arrivals. Since they know it fits and flatters their body, they don’t have to worry when the clothing arrives how it will look.


When you eliminate the guesswork, the shopping part for these women is easy. Now add into the mix lower pricing and free shipping, and you can see why they spend so much. Part of the benefits of taking the Lifestyle Quiz is you get a Fabletics personal shopper who will select one item each month for the customer to consider. That added convenience makes shopping at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics even easier, and the numbers are certainly telling the real story here. Amazon may want to pay closer attention to this company if they want to stay on top of this niche.

Fabletics: a Profitable and Stylish Brand for the Millennials

Kate Hudson has succeeded in the management of a $250 million e-commerce enterprise in an industry where Amazon controls 20 percent of the market. Fabletics is an online subscription business that sells sportswear to clients.


How Fabletics is outperforming Amazon


Fabletics is a simple platform where customers get to buy stylish and fashionable outfits. Previously, best-performing brands were defined by quality and price of the merchandise they handle. However, these elements no longer determine the success of a brand. It takes a combination of membership and convenience for business to be considered a success. Under the management of Kate Hudson, Fabletics has been able to fulfill this criterion. Additionally, things like exclusive designs, customer experience, and brand recognition are paramount in determining what is essential to a modern consumer.


Fabletics has employed a strategy used by successful brands, such as Apple and Warby Parker, which involves setting up physical stores in various parts of the U.S. Currently, Fabletics has more than sixteen stores in places, such as Illinois, California, and Florida. According to Gregg Throgmartin, the executive of the brand, Fabletics is committed to developing personalized relationships with clients. An additional factor that has contributed to the success of Fabletics is the use of reverse showroom technique. This brand has been able to revolutionize browsing through turning it into an active endeavor. This method enables Fabletics’ members to view current outfits then acquire them at the pop-up stores. Statistics reveal that 50 percent of clients, who visit brand’s stores, are members and 25 percent become members at the boutique.


About Fabletics as seen by product reviewer


Based on the review conducted by Teri Hutcheon, a blogger and a Fabletics’ customer, the brand has excelled in the quality of the goods it sells, value, style, ease of use, and customer service.


Fabletics’ product quality


Fabletics sells workout clothes of high quality. A good example is thick leggings that have a high compression and do not fade.


Fabletics’ product style


Fabletics offers a variety designs that range from bottoms with distinct colors to simple tank tops. A majority of the fabrics have bold patterns and great cut-outs designs. According to Teri, clients can find outfits that they relish at Fabletics.


Ease of navigating the website


The brand’s website is easy to use to access. Its appearance is professional, appealing, and polished. It also simple to use, has fast-loading pages, and has a consistent layout.


Fabletics’ customer service


This brand responds promptly to customer’s queries. Fabletics is fast at resolving purchase-related issues among many other problems.