George Soros is the Real-Life Batman

It’s not often that you hear someone, especially someone involved in politics, being compared to a super hero. That’s because you don’t often encounter people like George Soros. Born in Hungary, this self-made billionaire is quickly becoming a one man army in the fight for social justice, using his money and influence to help people like a true super hero. He began gaining renown in the political sphere when he donated 27 million dollars in an attempt to defeat George W. Bush in 2004. Know more on about George Soros.

Since then he has become a progressively bigger player in American politics, most famously for when his grant-making company, the Open Society Foundations (or Open Society Institute at its founding)donated 33 million dollars to grass-roots civil action groups which participated in the protests which came about in Ferguson, Missouri in 2015. This move on the part of Soros was as surprising as it was controversial, earning his praise in scorn in equal measure. For it’s part, however, the praise was the only response well-grounded in reality, Soros’ detractors taking his generosity as a sign he was an active member of the Illuminati or any other equally ill-defined, fictional organization. Those of us living in the real world, however, saw Soros’ actions for what they were: unbridled and unapologetic heroism. As a common person with a passion for social justice, it is always invigorating to see those in positions of financial power using their influence for the improvement of everyday people. Learn more on Biography about George

Despite the outcome of the now-infamous 2016 presidential election, George Soros continues his dedication to the betterment of humanity, continuing to fight the good fight for those less fortunate. To conclude this article using the same DC Comic metaphor with which it began, George Soros is the hero we deserve.

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The Life of Betsy DeVos

Elisabeth DeVos aka Betsy is one of the most passionate advocates for education. Her brilliance in this field led to her being appointed as the education secretary in Trump’s government. Hence, she is the 11th education secretary in the US. Read more about their foundation at


Betsy is known for being an influential advocate, philanthropist, businesswoman, and politician. She is also known for being a strong Christian, having been raised in a Christian backgrounds and even attending a Christian high school, Holland Christian High School. Today, she continues to attend the Mars Bible Hill Church, which is based in Grand Rapids. Aside from being a member of the church, she serves as an elder.


Her religious background has had a lot of influence on her success. Everything she does, she attests that it is with the aim of pleasing God. She has a big heart and contributes to the needy through various platforms. Her husband and she founded an organization that is specifically meant to contribute to the improvement of the life of the undeserved.

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is one of the most impactful charitable organizations. The organization contributes $22.5 million, to the Kennedy Arts Center, making history. This even led to the center changing name. The foundation also started the very first aviation charter school in Grand Rapids. Betsy and her husband started the school to increase the number of undeserved, who attended aviation schools. They had noted that the high cost of attending aviation school was prohibiting and that most young dreams died, even when one had passion for it. With the charter school, the tuition fees required is less.

With the foundation, Betsy Devos allows room for artists to be successful. They hold contests and award the best art. Additionally, they have collaborated with a number of schools, offering scholarships who enter the institutions to take specific courses including Business Administration and Arts.


Politics is one of the first loves of Betsy DeVos. She was involved in the politics of Calvin College during her time there. She officially joined politics of her hometown in the year 1982. That was the first time that she participated in her Michigan Republican Party. Four years later she was elected as the party’s local precinct. This was a two year term and she served as a local precinct for 8 consecutive terms.

In the year 1992, she was elected as Michigan’s Republican Party Committeewoman. She stayed in this position until the year 1997. She also served as the local chair for the party from 96 to the year 2000. But she continued to be active in the politics of the party.

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